Self Care

3 Ingredients for a Better Soul

"Be kind and have courage" - Cinderella They say humanity will wash away one day. Everyone who took birth on this planet, will eventually leave this place. What was born will die one day, the human body will turn into nothing, but what will remain is our soul. They say souls never die. In the… Continue reading 3 Ingredients for a Better Soul

Self Care

5 Ways to Practice Self-Acceptance

In the 21st century, in the midst of booming technology and escalating life, where ordering furniture online is easier than ordering happiness anywhere, where a single tap on our phones we can do a million things, but we don't have anyone who'd tap on our shoulders when we feel low, I think the only thing… Continue reading 5 Ways to Practice Self-Acceptance


Aglio E Olio

Aglio E Olio is a classic Italian recipe which tastes amazing. I looked at its picture on the blog of a great blogger and I just knew what my new experiment would be. For a quick recipe head on to my YouTube required would be:1) Spaghetti/ Noodles2) Garlic cloves, thinly sliced3) One lemon4) 3… Continue reading Aglio E Olio


Chocolate Mug Cake for a midnight craving

Midnight cravings can be hard and demanding sometimes. Like in the last particular night, my stomach demanded for a chocolate cake. Now how was I supposed to get a cake at 2 am. But the midnight vibe reminded of me a semi baked cupcake I once had from my aunt and it was amazing. So… Continue reading Chocolate Mug Cake for a midnight craving


10 Ways to be Productive at Home

Being Productive with a schedule and workplace is easier and automatic. But the real struggle starts when you have to be the same at home. Cozy cozy homes are not pre-structured to make us work, but we can definitely push a few thongs here and there and make it productive! Here are 10 ways in… Continue reading 10 Ways to be Productive at Home