Chinnaswamy Cricket Stadium, Bangalore

An evening at M Chinnaswamy Cricket Stadium, Bangalore

So, if you’re a cricket fan and prefer stadium over TV, then here I am reviewing the Chinnaswamy Cricket Stadium, Bangalore for you.
So it was India VS Australia T20 series 2019. The second match of the Australian tour of India was scheduled on 27th March’19 at 7 PM in the Chinnaswamy Stadium. Being in the city, I was as eager as any cricket fan to watch the match. We were a little late for tickets online but luckily got it from the venue later.


The capacity of Chinnaswamy Cricket Stadium is 40000. It is located on the Cubbon road. The surrounding areas include Brigade road, MG Road, and Queens road. It was an hour drive for me to the stadium. When I reached there, it was too crowded to find a parking spot. After a stressful search, I got a space on Church Street for parking my car. It was about 2 km walk from there to the stadium. This is why it is advised to reach the cricket stadium well in advance to avoid such problems. If I had to rate the location of stadium, I’ll give it a 7/10


On reaching the stadium, there was a big fat queue for entrance. The security was tight and there were multiple checkpoints. It was a good thing but again the rush can be avoided if you reach before in time and if Chinnaswamy stadium had more gates. Maybe because of the Indo-Pak-War, during that time the security was way too tight. Bags weren’t allowed, chargers, earphones, combs, pens, food, water, cameras, nothing was allowed. So we only took our phones and money in the pockets. I’ll rate it 8/10

View from C lower

So our seat numbers were N5,6,7,8,9 In the C lower stand. The seats were in a good place. We had a clear and closer view, without any grills or nets. Players were closely visible. We had a few fours coming our way as well. So ya we got a nice view at a reasonable price. Definitely a 9/10 rate.

The Crowd

The crowd in the stadium was amazing. The enthusiasm, the craze was as cheerful as it could be. The commentators were very engaging as well. I don’t think there passed a moment where I wasn’t screaming and enjoying. That’s what this stadium can do to you. Waves and flashlights, the waving of flags being my best part. I’ll rate the crowd 10/10


Food at Chinnaswamy is a no no. I only liked the packed Pepsi and Ice cream. Rest everything looked really bad to eat. The samosa was way too oily, and bhelpuri wasn’t tasty. They had options for rolls, sandwiches, momos, etc at a reasonable price but bad quality. So I can’t rate it more than 5/10 for food.

Overall Experience

Although my team, India lost, I was happy with a good match. Every ball shot or caught made me jump with excitement, so I had a lot of fun during the whole match. The Stadium is a Happening one. You can’t get bored in there. So I’ll rate my overall experience at Chinnaswamy Cricket Stadium a 9/10

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