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How to Take Care of your Mental Health

Hello everyone! I hope you guys are having an amazing day, an amazing week, an amazing month and and an even more amazing year!!

First above all, before you wander off somewhere else, mental health is no joke. Mental health is equally important as your physical health, skin care, etc. People generally are either not aware of or don’t pay attention to the concept of ‘mental health’ or ‘self care’, despite of its vital role in our lives. Now, when we used to come across the word ‘mental health’, it drew our attention towards someone who was either depressed or was seeking therapy of some kind due to mental illness. Thanks to the era of internet and social media, which has now made this topic less taboo to talk about.

My dear readers, let me tell you, that it’s not only the ones who are suffering need a regular care, but also the people who are living a totally normal happy life. The need of care doesn’t depend on whether you’re happy or not, if you’re social or not, if you have stress or not. Taking care of our minds and hearts is just a habit of exercises the we all should inculcate in life for a well balanced a peaceful life.

Now, here are some ways which can help you take care of yourself :

Accept and Understand that it’s totally okay, in fact very healthy and beneficial to start this as early in life as possible.

Start by Talking about your Feelings. To a friend, family member, it can be anyone who’s close to you, who looks out for you. Just open up. Start by sharing little thoughts in your head. Develop a habit of regular pouring of your heart to someone. It helps in relaxing and clearing up space in yourself and filters your thoughts landing you up at a good decision.

Hug Positivity. Keep the people close to you who encourage you, uplift you, and bring positivity in your life. It’s all about the vibe. Weather it’s something you practice, or someone in your circle, keep it if it gives you peace and happiness.

Break up with Negativity. Keep negative, discouraging, and criticizing people away from your life without being sorry. If something stresses you out, brings out the worst in you, constantly makes you doubt yourself or pulls you down, just cut it off. The less negativity you have around the more at peace you will be at.

Take a break, from your regular stress. Breaks are important every now and then for mind relaxation. Prioritize your emotions before any thing else Work, friends, family,

Do something you’re good at or you love. Practice your hobbies more often, play a sport, jam to your favorite song, cook your guilty pleasures. Don’t wait for an occasion to eat a cake, just get it anyways and enjoy.

Don’t take social media too seriously. Just understand that it’s a platform given to every individual to express their lives and not affect yours.
Avoid using phones right before and after bed. Its not healthy.

Accept who you are. Your nature, your personality. Be proud of yourself and never feel low for asking any help. Talking about your problems will help you groom yourself into a better person, trust me.

Criticism – understand that 1) words can not hurt you until you let them 2) other people’s opinions don’t define you. and 3) you can not make everyone happy.

Cut comparison and practice forgiving and forgetting

Exercise. An underrated but effective step we all must follow. A regular workout will keep your body fit and mind fresh. It will keep you occupied in something healthy and will boost your self esteem and confidence.

Eat, drink and sleep well. “We become what we eat” None of us want to be some dry junk do we? Eating healthy and drinking adequate amount of water is an important step towards your mental health. Instead of competing with the ‘I am busy’ trend, try ‘ I need a proper sleep of min 8 hours’. Your mind can not function properly if not rested.

Meditate, even if it’s for 5 mins a day, but start. It will help you in the long run.

Make a note of your good memories, achievements and keep them somewhere you lay your eyes on daily basis.

Listen to others. People don’t realize when someone is trying to open up to them about their problems. It’s very important to be a good and a patient listener to anyone who approaches you.

You are stronger than you think.

2 thoughts on “How to Take Care of your Mental Health”

  1. Yes, meditation seems like a thing that only yoga teachers do, but it doesn t need to be a whole thing to be effective. Don t worry about accomplishing anything or reaching some sort of enlightenment when you do it; just the fact that you re taking a few minutes to calm down and focus on your breathing is huge. If you don t know where to start, just sit quietly and focus on breathing in and out, slowly, for two minutes. Then work up to five minutes the next time you do it. Cutting back on added sugar (think: sodas, candies, pastries) won t cure depression, but it can help keep blood sugar levels stable, which can help balance your energy levels throughout the day. And while there s no such thing as stress-fighting foods, magnesium has been shown to help alleviate headaches and fatigue, as Despina Hyde-Gandhi, M.S., registered dietitian at New York University Langone’s Weight Management Program, previously told SELF. So adding dark leafy greens, pumpkin seeds, avocados, and figs to your diet isn t a bad idea.


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